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PostPosted: Thu 01 Feb 2024 11:49 pm 

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An Irishman aged 107 speaks on TV in 1965 - but I can understand hardly any of his English -

PostPosted: Fri 02 Feb 2024 10:12 am 

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djwebb2021 wrote:
An Irishman aged 107 speaks on TV in 1965 - but I can understand hardly any of his English -

The captions that are on the video itself aren't bad at all. A few words I think are amiss here and there. I'll transcribe what I'm hearing below in case it's any use to you.

"Well, machinery."

"Well, *coughs*, well, the reaper and binder's a great one, but by God, the one for cutting up the ground and sowing a crop is a powerful one too."

"It did, because it is and old bit *stutters* how could it be done at all?" - (He could have said "it is unbelievable, how could it be done at all?" but I'm hearing more of him starting to say "an old" then stammering, and changing his sentence. The captions on the video have "it was a wonder" which is at least as plausible as anything I have here, I just can't hear it.)

"A great many of them wasn't mindin' it or could afford it, but more of them *pause* got at it." ("could" here obviously means couldn't. It's fairly common in older generations' Hiberno English, but I've never seen it explained linguistically. My best interpretation is that "could" borrows from the negation earlier in the sentence, where he said "wasn't".

"Well, a man that had a good farm with us, outside of us, our townland, he wouldn't allow bringing it in. *pause* He used be payin' men to up and cut it, at three and sixpence a day." (The captions have "he use to be paying men for to cut it", which sounds a bit twee to me, and is fairly clearly not what he said.)

"Oh, t'was, it ... t'was, all of it *pause* cut, for years and years and years nothing else ever cut it."

"Ah, well there's an awful difference. An awful difference I see anyway, because the combine did as well in one start of a day as that poor reaper and binder wouldn't be in a week."

"I do. I ..."

"I was at one of them probably about five hours. In the former day."

"Ah, they threw out ... they were very cruel. They threw out chil... children, women on the roadside. Well there was one of them thrown out, weren't one day I was in it, and the baby was only about three days old. And they were sitting, they were thrown on the bank of the ... the moat or the lake. Ah, t'was cruel."

"Well we li... *coughs* We had to live at it there a long time on an Indian meal and flour."

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