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PostPosted: Thu 07 Oct 2021 9:57 am 

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I'm looking to find complete and accurate lyrics and translation for this beautiful séan-nos performance This is so I can add colour to it and upload it on my YouTube channel with the lyrics and translation on screen (like I did here

I'm nearly there, but I'd like to find someone to make sure the lyrics I have match the recording 100% (which I know they don't). The second verse in particular needs some work. I found it in a different place to the others, so it doesn't match the recording as well and the translation (which I did myself) doesn't make much sense.

Nárbh aoibhinn a bheith ag féachaint na mbánta,
'gus mise gach lá dá siúl.
nó ag fiach 's ag aoireacht na mbán stoc,
ar shléibhte go hard gan smál.
Eanlaithe na craoibh ghlas ba bhreátha
's lad ag seinm go hard sa dtiúin,
Ó is trua an croí bheith ag fágaint
an baile atá láimh le siúd.

Isn't it wonderful to look at the lea lands
each day as I walk them,
or hunting, or herding the (dairy?) stock,
on the clear high mountains.
The birds of the most beautiful green trees
and they singing high above me their notes.
It's a heartbreak to be departing from
the village that's near those things.

's nach deas mar a éiríonn an fás suas,
Ar do mhachairí breátha a rúin
Is milis mar a dheineann tú gáire
Le gradam go sásta súbhach
Ag rince le cáilíní áilne
Níorbh aistear liom tráth leo siúl
Is ní thiteann ann sneachta ná báisteach
Ar an mbaile 'tá láimh lé siúd

And not nice as the growth grows up,
On your fine plains his secrets
It's sweet how you laugh
With prestige happily juicy
Dancing with beautiful girls
I didn't travel when they walked
There is no snow or rain
the village that's near those things.

Tá an long ag taisteal ina lán tsruth,
Is an captaen go hard ar stiúir,
chun mise do bhreith thar sáile
go dtí talamh an Oileáin Úir.
Faraor is dubhach an croí is tráth-lag
bheith ag scarúint go brách le m' rún
mar ní feicfear ag filleadh go brách mé
ar an mbaile atá láimh le siúd.

The ship is under full sail
and the captain there at the wheel,
to carry me over the seas
to the land of the New Island (North America.)
My heart is sorrowful and weary
to be parting forever from my love,
for I will never be seen returning
to the village that's near those things.

Guím beannacht gheal na ngrást libh
a bhuachaillí an Oileáin abú!
's chun cúrsaí fada na trá siar
mar gur minic mé ag snámh go súch
nó ag fiach ar bharra Chruach Mhárthain
mar ba thapúla mo rás ná cú.
Ó b'fhearr liom a bheith beo bocht i mo sclábhaí,
ar an mbaila ata laimh le siud.

I pray bright blessing of grace on you,
and Up boys of the Island!
and to the paths of the strand there,
where I often swam content;
or hunting at the summit of Croagh Varthin
where my course was swifter than the hounds.
I'd prefer to be a poor farm laborer forever
in the village that's near those things.

Please, if you have time, listen to the music while reading these lyrics and correct anything in the lyrics / translation that seems wrong. Go raibh maith agaibh!

PostPosted: Thu 07 Oct 2021 11:35 am 

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That is lovely. I've seen that a long time ago and glad to see it again. That other link is fantastic, too. You really put some work into that and it's a nice reference for singers and listeners. That one song "Eggs and Marrowbones" is a funny one and sounds a lot like "The Jolly Tinker".

I'll work a bit on this and post when I can. There will be others here who may beat me to it and do a good job as well.



PostPosted: Thu 07 Oct 2021 4:04 pm 

Joined: Thu 07 Oct 2021 9:11 am
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Thank you so much! Take your time.

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