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PostPosted: Mon 11 Nov 2019 9:14 pm 

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I was travelling home this evening on the Luas and saw this sign:
It conflicts with my understanding of Irish grammar in several places, I'm sure I'm way off and some of the
lovely people in this forum will educate me :D

I assume PASNRÍ is supposed to be paisinéirí.
There is no fada on the o of Fógra
Seirbhís spelt wrong.
And the title all together sounds weird maybe something like this makes sense: Fógra phaisinéirí na líne uaine???

In the subheading: dunta
Shouldn't there be a fada?

line páirt
No fada on "line" and maybe "cuid líne" or "páirt-dúnadh" for partial closure like the English would be better?

don lae
Should be "don lá", no need for geninte

I rith na dunna
Should be "I rith an dúnta"
Because "closure" is in the genitive and is masc.

Should be "beidh" is there a reason from the lenition?

Shoud be tramanna

Tá na aithrí
Should be "tá na hathruithe" as "change" is in the nominative plural.

ar oibre innealtoireacht bunriactanach
"Oibre" should be in nominative and other words in genitive so:
obair innealtóireachta riachtanaí.

... I rith an oibre seo
"I" should be "i".
Obair is fem so should be "i rith na hoibre seo".

Thanks :computer:

PostPosted: Tue 12 Nov 2019 7:28 pm 

Joined: Thu 01 Sep 2011 11:36 pm
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Yeah, a couple of strange things.

For the title, maybe

Fógra do phaisinéirí/chustaiméirí líne uaine

As for the rest, I agree with most of what you wrote:

Líne páirt-dúnadh (go) sealadach

I rith an dúnta



Tá na hathruithe seo

That whole sentence is wordy - "ar oibre innealtoireacht bunriactanach". Maybe rephrasing is better: "chun obair innealtóireachta riachtanach a éascú."? Also, déanamh was wrong, fada in the wrong place.

i rith na hoibre seo

PostPosted: Wed 13 Nov 2019 11:00 am 

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Also bheidh … le fhail should be beidh … le fáil (future tense shouldn’t be lenited, missing fada in fáil, and le doesn’t lenite).

PostPosted: Thu 14 Nov 2019 9:20 am 

Joined: Sat 12 May 2018 9:33 pm
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It's funny cause when I read it the first time it sounded to me like it could be correct it's was only when I looked closer than I saw that it wasn't.

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