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PostPosted: Wed 07 Sep 2011 12:48 am 
Riarthóir (Administrator)

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:!: IMPORTANT: Wait for three to agree before using your translation on a tattoo or anything else that is permanent! :!:

:!: External links are provided only as a service to our users - we cannot guarantee that the content or services offered on other sites is correct or of a high standard. :!:

(Links to external sites may be displayed in signatures, etc, provided that permission is obtained from the administration team before doing so. Relevance to Irish language is generally a prerequisite. Permission to display previously permitted links may be rescinded at the discretion of the administration team if the content is found to have changed or is otherwise deemed inappropriate. As with other external links, we cannot guarantee that the content or services promoted in user signatures is correct or of a high standard.)

:!: Translations are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate - if in doubt seek the services of a professional translator :!:

:idea: Please also mark subject headings as follows:
Tattoo: for tattoos;
BIB: for Biblical quotes (include the verse and chapter if known);
SG: for Scottish Gaelic;
Wiccan: for Wiccan Rede;
OT: for Off-Topic
TC: for Tógáil Clainne (optional)

:idea: Include a portion of your request in quotes "..." in the subject title to make it distinctive. :idea:

:idea: If you have a preference for dialect, standard Irish, or old spelling, please add:
(GC) for Connacht Irish;
(GM) for Munster Irish;
(GU) for Ulster Irish;
(CO) for standard Irish; or
(SL) for old spelling (sean-litriú).

e.g., Tattoo: "Family" (CO), SG: Translation of "..." (GU) :idea:

:idea: Keep all enquiries regarding the same translation request, including requests for confirmation, pronunciation, and fonts, in the same thread. Opening new threads just causes confusion and ultimately slows down the translation process. :idea:

Please be polite. We are volunteers. A simple "please" and "thank you" will make us more inclined to want to help you first.
_ :wave: _


Please use the bold tag "[ b ]" to make translations and suggestions more prominent among the explanations and discussions.

If your translation or suggestion is non-standard or you are contrasting a dialect translation with a standard one or you use old spelling, please mark each clearly with:

(GC) for Connacht Irish;
(GM) for Munster Irish;
(GU) for Ulster Irish;
(CO) for standard Irish;
(SL) for old spelling

If your translation or suggestion uses old spelling, you might also like to consider using the Bunchló Ársa font and ponc séimhithe to give people a hint to look it up in Dinneen instead of FGB. ;)

If you don't wish to mark your suggestions or translations with a dialect or spelling code, then a statement of your preference in your signature would be helpful, preferably in a way even beginners can understand. We respect your right to use dialects and old spelling, please make your intention clear so that others don't inadvertantly attempt to "standardise" your contributions. Thank you for your co-operation.

Comments and conversations in Irish are welcome but if the original poster has given no indication that they are an advanced speaker, please provide a translation or summary to help them (and other learners) keep up with the conversation.

If a request relates to homework, please avoid doing a full translation for the student. Instead the student should be asked to make an attempt by themselves and then pointers given to help them improve their own work, where necessary.


Please refrain from posting materials through free upload sites, as these tend to be web security risks. If you have a sound file or image that you would like to upload to our forum, please e-mail it to ilf @ and we will upload it to our server if it is deemed to be appropriate content.

Topics from Tigh Dhegheibh - Dave's Place are NOT to be discussed on the main forum. Besides disrupting the main forum, it would be unfair to Dave, who can only answer you in Tigh Dhegheibh - Dave's Place.

The administrators reserve the right to modify posts and signatures to comply with these guidelines.

Foireann Riarthóireachta (Administration Team)
Irish Language Forum (encompassing Irish Learners' Forum)
Contact: ilf @ (without spaces)

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