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PostPosted: Tue 11 Oct 2011 7:21 pm 
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Pronunciation of the following was requested over at IGTF, so I am following up with a soundfile here. ... t_agat.mp3

Bíodh fios do chuid nirt agat.
beekh FISS duh khwij NEAR-ch_ug-ud
/b´i:x f´is də xid´ n´irt´ a:gəd/

The broad ch /x/ (kh in my phonics) is like the ch in loch /lox/ (lokh), never like a k sound. It may help to think of a very breathy h pronounced deep in the throat. (Some explanation by kk and Redwolf below.)

The dh on bíodh is devoiced to the same sound as ch.

As always others are encouraged to contribute sound files.

Regarding the pronunciation of ch:

kokoshneta wrote:
RuthLouise wrote:
So ch is or is not pronounced as a k sound? kh or ch as in loch, seem to be k sounds to me. as in clock.

Nope. ‘Loch’ and ‘lock’ are not pronounced the same if you’re from Ireland or Scotland. Most Americans and Australians, and quite a few Brits, pronounce them the same, but that’s because the sound [x] doesn’t exist in the English language, and they’re not close enough to the Scots and Irish to have heard how it’s pronounced and emulate that.

I can’t see from your profile where you’re from, but [x] is the ‘expectorating’ sound written in Spanish as j (but more forceful than the Spanish one), or like in German ch in ach, for example. It’s the sound that sounds like you’re trying to build up for a good long phlegmy spit. :mrgreen:
Redwolf wrote:
A good way to get a feel for the "ch" sound:

Say the sound made by the letter "k" a few times. Feel how the back of your mouth closes to articulate it?

Now try making the same sound, but without letting the back of your mouth close all the way, so some air passes through, and you get a slightly raspy sound. That's the sound you're going for.



WARNING: Intermediate speaker - await further opinions, corrections and adjustments before acting on my advice.
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