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PostPosted: Thu 08 Sep 2011 9:41 pm 

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Go raibh maith agaibh for the pronunciations so far - here is another set of three other words that I'm not sure of being able to pronounce accurately - city, chair and number four and - when it's ceithre, do you pronounce the 'th' in the middle? - if not why not?

PostPosted: Thu 08 Sep 2011 10:25 pm 

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These three are a bit odd in Ulster—or rather, one of them is.

Cathair is quite simple: KAH-hirr [ˈkahəɹ]. Or, especially among older people, KAH-hiy [ˈkahəj]
Ceathair is straightforward, too: KYAH-hirr [ˈkʲahəɹ] or KYAH-hiy [ˈkʲahəj]
Cathaoir is odder: KYE-heer [ˈkaɪhiɾ] or KYE-hirr [ˈkaɪhəɹ]

In ceithre, the th is usually silent (though sometimes you do hear it). In ceathrar, though, it’s always pronounced.

Not a native speaker.

Always wait for at least three people to agree on a translation, especially if it’s for something permanent.

My translations are usually GU (Ulster Irish), unless CO (Standard Orthography) is requested.

PostPosted: Fri 09 Sep 2011 3:26 am 
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In Iorras Aithneach in West Conamara, the th's are generally pronounced:

cathair KAH-urh /kahər´/
ceathair K(y)AE-hurh /k´æ:hər´/
cathaoir KUH-heerh /kahi:r´/

The c in ceithre is always lenited and the th dropped:

cheithre KHEH-rhih /x´er´ə/

In the Cois Fhairrge sub-dialect of Conamara, all of the th's are silent:

cathair KAHRH /ka:r´/
ceathair K(y)AERH /k´æ:r´/
cathaoir KYERH /kair´/
cheithre KHEH-rhih /x´er´ə/ (Same as for Iorras Aithneach)


WARNING: Intermediate speaker - await further opinions, corrections and adjustments before acting on my advice.
My "specialty" is Connemara Irish, particularly Cois Fhairrge dialect.
Is fearr Gaeilge ḃriste ná Béarla cliste, cinnte, aċ i ḃfad níos fearr aríst í Gaeilge ḃinn ḃeo na nGaeltaċtaí.
Gaeilge Chonnacht (GC), go háraid Gaeilge Chois Fhairrge (GCF), agus Gaeilge an Chaighdeáin Oifigiúil (CO).

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